God Is Holding Me Captive

A woman from another country and her 14 year old daughter live in our home with us. They have done so for 7 years. During those years the mom has studied for and obtained a masters degree and a PhD. Now for the past few months she has been looking for a job as a professor. It’s been tough for her.

There is the visa issue. If she doesn’t get a job within the allotted time frame, she has to return to her home country. She has already been living apart from her husband all these years. They see each other for 6 – 8 weeks every summer. Given the current atmosphere in the politics of immigration, he may not be able to obtain the proper papers to allow him to come to America. So her options are 1) get a job here or 2) return to her country of origin.

She has just today been offered a job in the midwest in a tiny little town far away from any major city. It really is a tiny town, population 6,000! She is used to living here in the greater Portland (OR) area. Plus, it is much colder there. Today we are “cold” here at 35 degrees. Right now it is +1 degree F there!

What does the 14 year daughter think and feel at the prospect of moving to such a place? The daughter knows the job has been offered. Since she found out, she has spent the day at her best friend’s house. She has a boyfriend too. (Oi! I was not fond of my teenage years!)

So, what to do?? Return to her home country? Or, take the job in the tiny town in the upper midwest? It’s especially tough because staying here, in the Portland area, is not a legal option.

She says, “I feel like god is holding me captive.” I have often felt this way myself.


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