Where’s Heaven

I was so young that when I stood on the cushions of the couch, my chin rested on the back. I was looking at the clouds. Even though I had no religious teaching or training, I was asking myself if heaven was in fact on the other side of the clouds. I had no way of figuring this out, of course. This is as far as my memory goes. Where up there is heaven anyway?

A few years later and I began having a recurring dream. I was playing with my toys before a window in my room. Out of the light of the sun two figures came towards me. I was frightened. Soon the figures were at the window, on the outside of the window. They reached through the window glass, grabbed my arm and began pulling me through the window, which didn’t break. I was panicked and fought them off until I could no longer resist and gave up. A deep comfort and peace would fall over me as I sailed through the air with them. Then, I’d wake up.

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