Hunter and the Groomer

Hunter pretends he doesn’t like the groomer. As soon as we turn into the parking lot, he sits up alert and begins to shiver. When I open the back door, he doesn’t hop right out eager to go. In fact, he sorta crawls out and then, like a shot he heads for the grassy area to sniff everything (lots to smell there, I’m sure.) He sniffs and pulls me along as if this was the only purpose for which we came here. When I finally say, “OK, boy. Let’s go,” he slows way down, lowers his head and begins to shiver all over again.

Once through the door, Hunter goes wild! The owners of the grooming shop own a very large Siberian husky named Copper. As soon as they see each other, it is time to play and to play hard. Hunter pulls at the leash, jumps on Copper, skitters over to the person at the counter, thinks briefly about jumping on the counter, ignoring Copper until Copper drags him back into playing. In other words, Hunter forgets all of his training as a mild and well mannered service dog and turns back to White Fang by Jack London, the dog of the north!

I am told by the groomer that Hunter settles down when he gets into the back and the business of brushing and clipping begins. I have a hard time believing that but, on the other hand, they seem to want our return patronage.

So, I picked up Hunter from the groomer about an hour ago and he went nuts again. This time he ran straight to the water bowls and drank about a gallon. Then he jumped back onto Copper. I do have to admit that this time his nuttiness was clearly relief that the ordeal was over…at least until next month!

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