Missed A Dose

I had a terrible time sleeping last night. It wasn’t that I kept waking up. It was that I never really got to sleep. This morning I laid on the couch and couldn’t even nap! That’s a crisis!

I have chills and hot flashes, brain zaps, dizziness, a little nausea, and a really hard time concentrating/focusing. That’s why I think this will be a very short post.

I really had no idea what was wrong with me until I realized I’d forgotten to take my meds last night. I can never remember what the papers that come with the meds say about missed doses. Sometimes they say to take it as soon as you remember unless it’s close to the time to take the next dose, then you’re just supposed to take the next dose as normal. I’m going to wait till it’s time to take the next set of pills — right or wrong.

My judgment is worthless right now and it’s taking some discipline to get this post written but I think we all miss doses now and then. It’s worth sharing among those of us that depend on meds. It’s never a good thing no matter what your ailment to miss a dose but for those of us taking psych meds it can truly be catastrophic. We need someone around who can think straight for us. I’m lucky that way.

Where’s Hunter? He’s outside laying in the sunshine. I think he figures it’s just best to leave me alone today. Smart fellow.

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