PoojaG And The Big WHY

I follow the blog written by a woman named PoojaG, Lifesfinewhine. Earlier today she posted something I think is quite profound. She titled it “DO YOU KNOW YOUR WHY.” She refers to it as a “Guest Post.” If it is a Guest Post, then she was wise enough to repost/share it.

As I wrote in my own post yesterday (I wrote to break through a blue funk,) having a sense of the “why” of your life gives one a way to evaluate the past and to set one’s sights anew on the future.

One of her lines is “Old ways don’t open new doors!” So true! I managed to find two careers that spoke into my Big Why. I particularly remember when I fell apart in ministry, my Big Why was able to help me make a decision during an unbelieveably difficult and scattered and dark period in my life. I had to use my WHY to guide me to the next career. A career I don’t think I’d have chosen otherwise.

My Big Why was “I want my life to be lived in such a way that other people’s lives are happier and, if possible, more meaningful (whatever ‘meaningful’ may mean) because they have met me.”

I don’t know if I succeeded in this but I still get email and DMs from people I touched in ministry as long as 40 years ago. (Yes. I am that old.) I had a student in the college I worked at walk up to my desk about 16-17 years ago and ask me if I remembered him. I am afraid I didn’t remember him. Apparently he was in one of the elementary school classes that I went to tell stories. I’ve spent the last 20 years helping graduate students gain the knowledge they need to be helping professionals.

Thank you, PoojaG, if you see this. I appreciate your post. I hope you are not chagrined by the shout out.

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  1. Dear Charlie,
    I was the author of the Guest Posting on Pooja’s blog. Thank you so much because your post here make my day! And big thanks to Pooja too because she helps me to spread the need of knowing the Why out. ❤

    And I love your Why, that's my ultimate Why as well. The base for rebuilding society begins with you and the way you and I and everyone else thinks and the decisions each one of us makes. They all reflect in our self awareness, how we treat our neighbors, our friends, our workmates, and the people we pass on the street every day. Like throwing a pebble in a pond, the ripples begin and gently drift outwards, touching the lives of thousands of people you may never meet.

    Wish you best of luck on your way making others lives happier and more meaningful!

    Please support me here: https://unboundwallflowers.com

    Its great to know you ❤

    1. I have spent my adulthood seeking to behave with grace and civility. I have a friend who wrote a book about “The Virtue of Civility in the Practice of Politics.” Obviously, in America they haven’t read this book or taken it to heart yet! I believe that if I treat other people — even obnoxious, irritating, bad people — with grace and respect, this can have great influence. By practicing this I once got the Chief of Police and a young cocaine addict who stole government checks from senior citizens to greet one another with real respect. The poor addict still had to face the breaking of the law but she was treated kindly and with respect. In my mind, that’s a big deal.

      1. Thanks Charlie for your sharing. I think your case of the police and the addict is a great example for what we were talking about. And I know it will inspire you to act upon what you believe and of course, it’s a big deal. I also feel great when someone comes to me and simply just says he / she has learnt from my posts haha. Wish you all the best!

    1. I’m glad you weren’t upset by my mention of your blog. I am really new to blogging. I just started in February. Actually, your post today is really helpful to me too. You are like my teacher in the fine art of blogging. Thanks.

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