Hunter, Get Me Outta Here!

Yesterday Hunter — my service dog — had his annual exam. Everything came out OK. The vet found a small lump but it turned out to be nothing but a little fatty tissue. I love Hunter and it seems that he loves me. Right now my heart is filled with happy feelings. Hunter is out in the living room, fast asleep.


He has done some pretty amazing things during our 6 years together.

In Disneyland. We were in New Orleans Square. It was between 5 and 6 pm. People in the Anaheim area were getting off work and entering the park. It got very crowded very fast.

I began to get anxious. In fact, I began to get so anxious I was beginning to dissociate. I lost my awareness/connection with my surroundings. All I remember is a suffocating crowd of people.

I said: “Hunter, get me outta here!” Immediately he began to move me. If you know Disneyland, you know New Orleans Square is a fair distance from the main entrance. Somehow, Hunter negotiated the crowds without much direction from me and the next thing I am actually aware of is the bus stops. Outside the park.

I was able to get us back to the Candy Cane Inn, our hotel. He got me through the hard part.

I think this is the second post about Hunter and Disneyland. We actually don’t go to Disneyland that often. We went in October of 2017. I mention it because Hunter was amazing! Without him Disneyland would not be a pleasant memory for me.

Some of you who read this know what I mean. Sometimes we can be so triggered as to lose track of who and where we are.

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