Hunter’s Annual Checkup

I fear it every year. Highly bred Golden Retrievers are prone to get tumors early on. This year, Hunter is 8 years old, had me anticipating the worst. No reason to expect the worst. Completely irrational. Nevertheless, imagine my dread when the vet said he found a lump. An icy cold knife pierced my stomach.

So, along with enough blood to drain him dry, the vet took cells from the lump. Knowing my love for Hunter, he told me not to worry yet. There are a number of things the lump could be. All I heard was it could be a cancerous tumor. How was I supposed not to worry!?

With foreboding I awaited his phone call. I’d been trying to prepare myself but I couldn’t prepare for what was coming. The phone call came. Hunter’s blood work was all normal and clear. No liver or kidney problems. No problems at all according to his blood work.

The tumor? It turned out to be nothing more than a fatty tumor. Benign! Whew! If it gets to be a cosmetic issue, it can be removed. Otherwise, we leave it alone.

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