Hunter’s Dental Cleaning

Poor Hunter!!

Hunter had a dental cleaning today. The veterinarian pulled two small teeth and had to pack a pocket, at least I think that’s what he did. Hunter is still there. I have been without him all day. For that I can say, Poor Me!

He has to eat only soft food this weekend, maybe longer. This isn’t so bad. He loves his canned food. Nevertheless, I think he will miss his kibble. Usually, I mix the two. The canned food has a terrible name. I had to be convinced to feed it to him. But he absolutely loves/devours it. It’s hydrolyzed protein. I get it from the doctor.

Smiling with all of his teeth!

I pick him up in an hour and a half. They had to “put him under” to clean the teeth and remove the bad ones. It’s harder getting over the anesthesia than it is the operation itself — so they tell me. I know I’ve had one or two surgeries where that was definitely the case.

I need to brush his teeth more thoroughly. Of course, it’s not like he makes that very easy. He loves the taste of the toothpaste and he thinks it’s all playtime!

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    1. Thanks. I try to be interesting. Hunter’s my best friend and companion. But there are so many other extraordinary bonds to speak of. Glad I can help even a tiny bit.

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