Hunter, The Day After. . .

Hunter had general anesthesia yesterday to get his teeth cleaned by the veterinarian. They had to pull a tooth. Yesterday I thought they pulled two but it was only one. He also had some tissue growing up around his lower canine tooth removed. Ouch! to all of it! Then, to top it all off, we had to drive today — from Portland, Oregon, to Spokane, Washington, 400 miles. We got to the hotel. He walked in and ate his dinner. When I looked for him after I cleaned up his dinner bowl, I discovered him over in this empty corner of the room. Poor Hunter!

Poor Hunter

A woman we know is graduating from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. It’s a good school. She lives with us in Portland and commuted to Spokane throughout the PhD degree program. She persisted and now tomorrow she gets her degree! She is amazing. I’m worn-out from one days’ worth of travel. I will never know how she could drive here for a couple of classes then turn around and drive back home — all in the course of 48 hours, week after dreary week. Ugh!

She managed to get a professorship at a small college in Iowa. Not much but a good start. We are so proud of her. She’s from China. She had only minimal language skills when she arrived. She managed to get a Masters degree and a PhD in 7 years. 7 Years! Her dissertation is some 300 pages long.

I couldn’t do that. Well, let’s be real. I wouldn’t want to do that!

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