Back Home

We’re not only “back home” in Portland (OR) from Spokane (WA) but Hunter is back to his normal self again. He’s eating his food faster than I can cleanup after preparing his meal.

You know, there are annoying aspects of his behavior, like wanting in-and-out every few minutes or just standing in front of me staring with a goofy grin on his face leaving me to try and guess what he wants. (I usually give him lots of love when he stares and that seems to satisfy him.)

In earlier posts readers may recall we have a woman from China and her daughter living with us. Just for the record we are white, dominant culture Americans. So, why is that important? This last weekend Jenny graduated with her PhD. In 7 years with pretty poor language skills she has managed to earn a 3 year Masters degree in divinity and a 5 year Doctoral degree. Her dissertation is over 300 pages — in English!

Anyway, her friend just came to the house with two of her daughters, and a cake and balloons! Right now the house is full of raised, excited Chinese language voices! I love it! There are 5 of them and 1 of me. It is really good for white, dominant Americans, especially Americans, to be the minority group from time-to-time. This is one of the values of travel to foreign lands — to experience life as a minority race, surrounded by people speaking a language not your own. This is second best for those of us that cannot travel.

Every now-and-then I hear my name in their conversation. I have no idea what they are saying but, you know, that’s good for me. They could be saying good things, bad things, or just ordinary things. I don’t know and I cannot ask without imposing and being, not just sounding but being, incredibly rude and obnoxious.

What’s Hunter doing? He’s lying down in the entrance of the house. He’s ignoring our guests. Very unusual behavior for this fellow who likes to be the center of attention! Maybe he too is staying quiet and learning a rich lesson, knowing how wonderful such an opportunity this is for us both.

Now every one is gone but Maria, Jenny’s daughter. Maria has resumed practicing the piano. What’s she playing? Not Chinese music but traditional western European music. Back to normal.

Too bad.

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