AP Report: Girl Believed To Be The Tiniest Newborn . . .

. . . weighed as much as an apple. This was reported by Julie Watson and John Antczak out of San Diego. I believe the date was Wednesday, May 29. NPR also picked up the story. Bobby Allyn wrote the story for NPR. Considered a micro-preemie, she was 8.6 ounces at birth.The pregnancy was 23 weeks and 3 days along.

Just to be clear, I am pro-choice for lack of a better term. I believe a woman has the inherent right to choose what happens to her body. I believe that abortion is a heart wrenching decision for many women, although I have heard of cases in which some women use abortion as a form of birth control. My hunch is that those cases are few and far between. Whatever the case, if abortion is not legal, then women will be required to find unscrupulous purveyors of alley way abortions that put the woman at serious risk of harm, even death. Making abortions illegal will not stop abortions. It will just make them unacceptably dangerous. I don’t seem to be able, in the language available to me, to say this firmly enough or with the level of conviction I feel. Outlawing abortions will place abortions in the hands of outlaws who have no regard for the life of the woman.

The political arguments regarding abortion have run the gamut. Some say that abortions should not be available beyond the time when the baby is viable. Well, then, is the new standard of viability 23 weeks and 3 days? Others say that abortions should cease to be available at some (apparently) arbitrary time during gestation. I certainly am not going to review the legal arguments here except to say that for decades now Roe v Wade has been the “law of the land.”

The authors of the article, Julie Watson and John Antczak, did not write their article as anything more than a news item of tremendous interest. Well done! Bobby Allyn’s (NPR) report, also well done, ended on a somewhat more provocative note.

How did baby Saybie overcome the odds?
A mix of the right genetics and good luck, hospital staff have said, but some also believe a more inexplicable factor was at play.
“She’s a miracle,” said Kim Norby, a nurse in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. “That’s for sure.”

Hmmm. Miracle? Right genetics? Good luck?

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