Detention Of Migrant Children

Two things. 1) I am outraged by the detention of migrant children, and 2) I am proud that I am represented by Senator Jeff Merkley.

Some of these same individuals will maintain that the children being held in centers along the southern border are the children of illegal migrants. I am sure that some of these same individuals will assert that this is an attempted deterrent intended to discourage illegal migration into America. The goal of this is to split up the family of these children, that are so very dangerous to American society, to keep us safe from the mass influx of undesirable persons.

In the Pacific Northwest of America there are few dark stains on our history as evil as the “detention centers” for Japanese Americans during World War II. I know that some people will immediately point out that those detainees were American citizens and that is what really makes this episode in war-time especially egregious.

Take a look at the photo in this June 6, 2019 report from AP reporter Garance Burke. Children lined up facing armed guards and being instructed by no fewer than three large men walking the line. Is this the America of which I am proud to be a patriot. No! This is not my America! I am ashamed of my country for this activity. I am certain that it will be a chapter of American history that will cause disgust, anger, and sorrow in years’ to come. We will shake our heads at this practice.

Early at the beginning of this despicable atrocity, my senator Jeff Merkley, traveled to our southern border to draw attention to this shameful policy. He was even refused entrance into these camps! A United States Senator, no less. But his protest got no traction from either the Senate or the House. Why? How is it that our elected officials can cave into the political barbarity of this action without condemning it unanimously in one load voice?

Bravo! Senator Merkley! I am proud of you! We need to put a halt to detention camps for the children of migrant families. And we need to do it now!

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