Cemetery Picnic

My sister-in-law has been dead for 1 year and 11 months. Today would have been her birthday. Debbie’s daughters have not coped well with their mother’s passing yet. So we go up to the cemetery and have a picnic at the gravesite. This is not all that unusual, especially in other cultures, but it does seem a bit morbid for Americans.

So, there are 8 of us on blankets eating sandwiches and fruit and drinking seltzer water. We didn’t even mention or talk about Debbie. We just sat in the cemetery and talked about stuff. There were 2 small children with us. They ran around and had a great time. Every now-and-then we’d catch them climbing up one of the old fashioned grave stones and have to tell them that they are not for climbing upon.

Hunter was there.

Hunter, chillin’ at the cemetery

He was having a great time. All kinds of family that he knows but hadn’t seen for a while. Since he was not working, he was bouncing all over from one of us to the next. I’m sure he remembered the place but, of course, it does not hold the same emotional punch for him that it does for us. I had him on one of those 30 foot leads so he was pretty free to move within and around us as we ate and talked.

All in all, even though it was a cemetery, it was a bucolic setting. A great place for a family gathering. I think this picnic was good for all of us.

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