Lincoln City Beach, Oregon

If you live in Portland, Oregon, and you want to go to the beach, there are several options. All beaches in Oregon are public beaches protected by law. A favorite is Lincoln City Beach. It’s close and the highway takes you right by the Spirit Mountain Casino. This casino is arguably one of two most successful casinos in the Pacific Northwest, the other being Chinook Winds Casino and Resort in Lincoln City, our destination. Lots of folks stop at one or the other and never actually make it to the beach, even though Chinook Winds is only a matter of a couple blocks away. We have never stopped at either place but I have heard the food is really good.

Yesterday, Friday June 14, was our wedding anniversary. We headed off to the beach. Hunter, of course, goes everywhere with me so he got to go along too — no work; all play. One of the fun things at Lincoln City Beach is a “public game” called Finders Keepers. Local glassblowers make glass floats that are hidden along the Lincoln City Beach. It’s really a treat to find one of these and in all our years going there we have never found one — until yesterday. We are really happy that we found number 2,513. It was just lying there waiting for us!

Hunter had a great time. Since he is so well trained, when he is working, he is all business. But take the vest/pack off and he is just a dog — full of energy and joy.

It was another day when I got to enjoy my Extraordinary Bonds.

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