Hunter Lives Up To His Name

I was sitting in my favorite chair. Just on the other side of the sliding glass door. Hunter was resting comfortably on the steps into the house. Suddenly there was a tremendous commotion. I thought Hunter was having a seizure of some sort. It really was quite a racket.

When I looked, I saw Hunter in the air and twisting in a manner I had not seen before. But…then…I saw it. The poor little mouse was scurrying from the kitchen garden, across the patio, and towards the steps on which Hunter had just been resting quietly. It was a cute little thing. Dark gray back and a light gray belly. Well I’m not so sure about the belly. I am sure about the back because I got another look at it.

Hunter pounced upon the increasingly terrified little creature. The drama left the stage of the patio and headed under the Japanese Maple to the right of the door. The whole shrub began to shiver and shake! There was a scuffling sound along with some screeching and some growling. Soon Hunter popped out the other side of the Maple with his prize in his mouth.

I was horrified. He was delighted. I was disappointed in his instantaneous conversion into a killer. He was proud that he “still had it in him.” I did make him give up the lifeless little beast and I gave it a proper burial.

I did have the human exterminator come to call. He said it was a loner, probably just passing through. Nice to know the house is not infested. Poor mouse. He picked the wrong patio at the wrong time. He ran across Hunter’s path. Hunter, the hound!

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