6+ Year Old Mystic

I’ve been gone for several weeks. I had the notion that I would post all the way to Iowa and back but got too tired each day to break out the computer and write. The drive there and back was remarkable in many ways. Sometimes really funny. I’ll get into those stories in posts yet to come. Today, however, I want to continue what I started in my last post, that is, my mystical experiences as a very young child.

This post is about an often repeated dream.

Starting when I was about 6 years old I would dream that I was playing with my toys in the sunshine tumbling through my window. I was very close to the window. After a brief moment in the dream, I would look out the window into the bright sunlight. I noticed a tiny dot at first. The dot grew to the point I could make out two beings; two beings with human appearance and characteristics.

These two came straight to the window. Without hesitation, they both reached through the window, grabbed hold of my arms and began to pull me through the solid pane of glass. I was terrified and struggled with them for as long as I could. When I could struggle no more, I gave into the experience and let them pull me through the window. I passed through the window without breaking it. As soon as I passed out of my room and into the care of these figures, I sensed a great peace! No more terror or fear. No more struggle. Only peace.

I had this dream many times. There are only two more dreams that I recall from my childhood. One was a frightening nightmare, the kind we all have, and the other was a sign of things yet to come. The one was of a dark figure hiding in the closet and behind the door. The other was to do with my much later in life discovery of gender dysphoria.

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