A Common Problem: Mental Health and Diabetes

Just last week my numbers regarding diabetes went over the top. I’ve been on mental health meds for a couple (maybe a few) years. Steadily, I have gained weight. It has been next to impossible to curb my appetite and keep down the calories and simple carbohydrates.

Most people don’t look at me and see me as particularly overweight. I’m 6’1″ and 230 but my diagnosis contains the word “obese due to excess calories.” The operative word being “obese.”

I had heard from others on these medications that this is a common problem but I did not think it would be my problem until I began to slowly and surely watch the scale tell the tale. What a problem!

Next week I have an appointment with a diabetic educator. I’m very hopeful this will help. I am determined to get the changes she prescribes to work. Whatever she says, I think I have had my last pumpkin scone and caramel frappe. I don’t know maybe I’ll have these on my way to the appointment…. <good grief>

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