Staring Out The Kitchen Window

The beautiful trees have lost their leaves as I stare out the kitchen window. The morning dew streaks down the car windshield as I look out the kitchen window. The last rose of autumn blooms as I stare out the kitchen window. The dark-eyed juncos twitter as I stare out the kitchen window. So much is happening as I stare out the kitchen window. Yet, if I’m not careful, I could miss it all. Why? Because my nose is stuck to the screen trying to make sense of the morning news. Even Hunter, who incidentally turns 9 years old this next week, is a bit melancholic — plopping down on the floor with a groan.

Trump is apparently making plans to attend the May Day celebration in Moscow with Putin. Biden’s response to this news is, “Are you kidding me?” This morning I read that Mayor Bloomberg is planning to make a run for the presidency by filing to run in the Alabama primary with additional plans to run in Arkansas. Just what we need…another billionaire in the race for the White House!

It’s 30 minutes past noon so I decided to take a break and eat some pineapple and cottage cheese. While I’m eating I get a notification that the other democratic candidates are ganging up on Bloomberg. I see too that Iran has discovered a new oil deposit worth about 53 billion barrels. Oi! How will that change Trump’s approach to Iran? Hmm!

Although I cannot remember what I wrote about prior to this, I think I have seldom, if ever, written about politics either domestic or global. As I eat the last few curds in my cup of cottage cheese, I am reminded of the Kurds and that Trump has decided to leave fewer than 1,000 troops in Syria, more like 500-600 soldiers.

Crap! It wasn’t even a good football game day for me yesterday. Both TCU and Iowa lost. And my daughter’s team Northwestern lost also.

I think I’ll go take a nap…..

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