About Hunter

Hunter is a service dog. Initially, he was to be trained as a service dog for an autistic child. But, because he is Hunter (!), he had a difficult time focusing all of his attention on his child in the classroom. All the children were his buds!

I have PTSD, Major Depression Disorder, Chronic Anxiety and Gender Dysphoria. Hunter is perfect for an adult like me.

Hunter was born on November 14, 2010. Hunter was trained by professional dog trainers for 2 1/2 years before he was handed off to me. One of my great pet peeves is that some people (maybe many people!) go online, buy a vest/service pack, and pretend their pet is a service dog. I wish there were an official way to register or regulate service dogs.

Hunter weighs about 80 pounds. This is a weight recommended by his veterinarian. I take him to the vet regularly for check ups and treatment when something is not right. Hunter has a number of allergies that I monitor. He has a special diet and a medication regimen.

Hunter goes everywhere with me, even to public restrooms. He lies down underneath the table at restaurants. He lays at my feet on an airplane. As seating space shrinks on commercial airplanes, you can imagine how uncomfortable that is for us. I’ve just about decided I need to fly 1st class in order to have the room we need.

Hunter calms me down during PTSD episodes. He cheers me up during bouts of depression. He and I are a team bound together by love.


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