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I started work when I was 11 as a clean-up boy in a butcher shop. At 16 I was promoted to be a meat delivery boy, although before this time, I had walked meat orders over to elected officials and staffers at the state capitol of California. There are some stories there. (Also, ironically, I seriously dislike beef!)

I left home and worked for the Forest Service for a year. Then, during college, I worked for the Forest Service during summer breaks. During the school years, I worked with youth as a youth minister and retreat director. I also led a college age group. As a senior, I taught a junior level course, Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy.

After college, I worked as a Minister of Christian Education, i.e., a youth minister. When the senior pastor had a heart attack I took over as an interim senior minister.

I left for seminary and worked first as a youth minister, then as a “senior” minister in a couple of rural Texas parishes. After seminary, I became a minister in my own right. I served two churches as a pastor working to help them overcome difficulties. There were some wins, some losses. When I could not continue as a minister, I went to library school. To make money for this I served a small church as an interim pastor.

Upon completion of library school I got a job as a children’s librarian/storyteller in a public library. Then I worked as a catalog librarian (helping to make the catalog more customer friendly). Simultaneously I was an adult services librarian answering questions.

Changed careers yet again becoming the technical services librarian at a university. Finally a theological librarian in a seminary at the same university.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Ministry, a Master of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Library and Information Science. I also have a number of post-graduate credits.

From a canoe trip I took on the Missouri River

About Hunter


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